Different Types of Lawyers (and Their Salaries)

Getting a higher-degree in education is one heavy burden as far as money and expenses is concerned. The higher you get, the more expensive it is. Although that is reality and is true in most cases, on the flip side, you are also a more valued person in your career. As you scale up in your knowledge and education, companies and organizations will pay you higher salary as well. That is exactly right for lawyers.


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Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the experiences you never want to happen in your life is when you get in an accident. Bills shoot up as much as stress level does. And when you get an accident, whether it be as mild as injuries or worse as surgeries, you may need to contact a personal injury lawyer.


Personal Injury Lawyers specialized most of these common cases. They are responsible for obtaining compensation in the form of damages from the other parties. And guess what? If you are an attorney in this field will potentially earn $73,000 annually. You will earn as high as $164,000 if you are employed in a larger firm.


Bankruptcy Lawyer

Putting up a business always involves a certain amount of risk. As what they say, you have to be ready to make mistakes because they are always part of the journey. It is just a matter of your response and what you have learned from it. On the other side, if you are not learning from your previous errors, you are planning to fail. And when failure hits your business venture, be sure your bank accounts are ready to spend a lot of cash for Bankruptcy Lawyers.


Bankruptcy Lawyers will handle cases when you are having financial constraints and you are thinking of shutting down your business. They will advise you on your eligibility for bankruptcy and will guide you how to handle this matter. They will give you options that you can explore but ultimately, they will be your “911” when you need assistance. They’re value is around $113,000 a year and will increase depending on the lawyer’s experience.


Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual Property Lawyers are most appreciated if you are in the creative, writing, publishing, business development or technology industry. They are commonly known as the IP attorneys and they are much needed in issues involving copyrights, intellectual properties, patents, trademarks and the like.


You may have a headache when you get these lawyers. An average IP attorney salary is $160,000 annually with a range between $143,000-$175,000.. This again may vary with different factors involve, but, you sure need to prepare your savings when you are facing this issue.


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Sum it Up

Yes, we have given you a number of different types of lawyers that are more common than others, it can never be neglected that there’s a long list that have different specializations especially in dealing with particular cases when you find a lawyer. You have a Family Lawyer, Immigration Lawyer, Tax Lawyer, Contract Lawyer, General Practice Lawyer and so on and so forth. So being a lawyer doesn’t just make you helpful, it is a good source of income.