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Camp Bullis Outdoor Recreation

Camp Bullis is a military training reservation that covers about 27, 990 acres providing a prime area for training and drills. It also serves as a Recreation Center, a park, camping grounds, hunting & fishing, and as an archery & gun range for all MWR patrons with DoD ID cards.

The Recreation Center has a pavilion, picnic areas, BBQ pit, volleyball court and horseshoe pits available to rent for private & official functions. The hunting lodge can be reserved for private and unit functions. Remember to book your reservation 30 days in advance. Limited RV storage is available. Camp Bullis also sells pre-cut firewood, patrons who wish to cut their own may do so as well.

Sportsman's Range

Gun Range

Open Seasonal, Saturday-Sunday:
June–September   October–May
8am-12pm  10am-2pm

The Camp Bullis Sportsman's Gun Range is open to DoD Cardholders to fire their personally-owned firearms (pistols, rifles and shotguns 7.62 caliber or less). Targets range from 7-25 yards for pistols and 25-125 yards for rifles, no super magnums. All firearms must be registered at the Recreation Center. The range may close unexpectedly due to weather or unit practice. Range users should call before coming out for target practice.
Fees: Daily Range - $5 Annual Pass, Gun Range - $30Archery & Gun Range - $45
*Fees subject to change, call to verify.

Outdoor Archery Range

Open Seasonal, Thursday-Monday:
Monday, Thursday and Friday   Saturday & Sunday
8am-4pm   7am–5pm

The Archery Range is open to MWR patrons of all ages. Archery targets range from 10-60 yards. All bows are welcome, however, patrons must use field tips on targets. Bow and arrows are not supplied, patrons must supply their own.
Fees: Daily Range - $3 Annual Pass, Archery Range - $20Archery & Gun Range - $45
*Fees subject to change, call to verify.

3D Archery Shoot
Avid archers can also practice their aim on 30 targets randomly set throughout a wooded area. Targets are set at various distances ranging from 10-55 yards. The 3D shoot is offered during the 4th weekend of the month January-September. Registration is offered same day from 8-10am. Patrons under 12 years old shoot free.
Fees: Fun Shoot - $10 Tournament - $15
*Fees subject to change, call to verify.



Wild game hunting includes whitetail deer, axis deer, hog, javelina, turkey (spring and fall), feral goat, dove, quail, rabbit, squirrel and coyotes. Before you plan a hunting trip, call to verify availability. Hunts are seasonal and in compliance with Texas Parks and Wildlife regulations. Hunting permits required unless otherwise stated. Call to verify hunting hours.

Bird & Small Game Archery Gun Hunting Spring Turkey Fish Pond
September October November March-May March-September

White-Tail Deer
Annual Drawing - Hunting Areas: Aug, 2014
The annual white-tailed deer stand drawing at Camp Bullis is scheduled for 9 am, Aug 3. Patrons interested in hunting white-tailed deer must be present for the drawing to recieve a designated hunting area. Individuals will be issued a number between 8-8:45 am. Numbers will be drawn in random order until all stands are issued. Individuals can choose either a rifle or an archery stand from the ones available, but may only hunt with the weapon type for the stand selected. There is no archery hunting in rifle designated areas or vice versa.
If you do not have a ticket by 8:45 am, you may not participate in the drawing. If you are unable to attend the drawing, you may designate a proxy to select your location. *Proxy must have proper identification.

Entry Rules & Eligibility
- One entry per DOD cardholder per year.
- Only one hunting stand will be assigned per entry.
- Hunters must purchase a permit no later than Sept 1. Any stand not paid for by this date will
  be forfeited and go to next in line on the standby list.
- If a stand is offered to a standby hunter, they have 21 days from the notification date to pay
  or that stand will be offered to the next person on the list.
- Once assigned, the stand will remain yours for the entire white-tailed deer season.
- Patrons may voluntarily turn in their stand. Stand will be forfeited due to violations.

Youth hunters, 12-16 years, may draw for their own individual stand at their parent or legal guardian's discretion. All youth hunters under 12 years of age will hunt from their parent or legal guardian's stand.

Plan Your Hunting Trip

To hunt at Camp Bullis, you must have a valid DoD ID card in addition to the following:
- Hunter's Ed. Certificate
- Valid Texas Hunting License
- Camp Bullis Annual Permit & Activity Card

Make the most of your Game
To use a rifle-hunting stand or a turkey-hunting blind, patrons must sign-up in advance. There are specific areas set aside for hunting, patrons may participate in a drawing to choose the location of their choice.

Educational & Safety Classes

Patrons must register to attend classes.

Bow Hunters and Gun Hunters Education
The Texas Parks and Wildlife offers 2 options for this certification. For class schedule and location, call the TXPW 1-800-799-1112 or (512) 389-4800.

Reloading 101
This class teaches patrons how to reload their own ammo. Registration is required, maximum of 3 people.



(210) 295-7577
or 295-7529
421-7577 or 421-7529

8am – 4pm
Saturday - Sunday
8am - 5pm

Call prior to arrival.
Directions: NW of San Antonio, take loop
410 W and exit Castle Hills. Past loop 1604 to reach the entrance of Camp Bullis.

 Helpful Info

TPWD - Hunting

Bullis Hunting Guide