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What You Should Know About Retirement Benefits During A Divorce

In some cases, a person’s retirement benefits are often the most valuable asset they have. This can lead to a series of arguments for couples during the process of a divorce.

Here’s what you should know about retirement benefits during a divorce.

Retirement savings are very valuable as they are potentially intact with the person’s tax situation. As a result, this allows an area to argue between spouses. When a souse has a 401k plan, their spouse is legally entitled to a portion of the account, assuming that there is no valid prenuptial agreement between both parties.

How Retirement Benefits are Divided

When the retirement plan is open and both parties have participated during the marriage, the value of the plan will be subjected to division. However, there is one exception of any contributions that were made to the plan but before the final settlement of the divorce agreement.

When the judge signs a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO), it is used to recognize an alternate payee to receive all or a specific portion of the benefits under a retirement plan. When the judge signs the QRDO, the provider must divide the benefit to an account in the name of the former spouse. The QDRO allows both parties in the divorce to avoid tax liabilities and penalties given with early capital gains or withdrawal.

Moreover, your ex-spouse will not be entitled to any money you save after the divorce. They are only entitled to the amount you earn while in the marriage.

Social Security Benefits After Divorce

An ex-spouse may receive social security benefits based on the earnings of their spouses. Both parties must be entitled to Social Security disability or retirement benefits. This allows the ex-spouse to seek benefits after being at least 62 years old or older. The ex-spouse must also seek benefits to show that the marriage lasted for over 10 years and received their own earning record that is less than the benefits and earnings of the ex-spouse.

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