Find Answers From Legal Research Websites

Annalise Keating, from “How To Get Away With Murder” of Netflix, usually challenges her students by giving a real and existing sample of cases that are still for solving. It is her actual client’s case and she is asking questions from her students to help her solve the case. Well, if you are just watching this show, you will just be amazed about the technical terms and how they really got away from a crime they did or did not commit. So, what if you are in a situation that you really do not know how to deal with them? Where can you find an Annalise Keating?

In this article, you will learn where to find great answers of legal concerns or issues that you are curious about. And this tool I am going to introduce to you is something that is what the millennial would do – to search online. Well, here are some websites that you can visit to but I will be focusing on one website for the United States of America.


Legal Research Websites

Wherever country you are in, there are a lot of legal research websites that you can visit to. They have different style of presenting their website too. The U.S.A is composed of 50 states, and each state will have different implemented laws and rules to follow. But for this specific website that I’m about to spill out to you, you can find different lawyers of their different field of ability and all represented from each state. So easy as you just scroll down the list of practice area and the state you are in, the website will direct you to list of lawyers you are looking for., definitely the website that legal professional from the past could have longed for. Their website name speaks for themselves as you can literally ask a lawyer by the contact information they give you. The lawyers also offer brief background about their practice area/s and showcase some articles related to their field. So you are not just lucky to find this website to get a lawyer so quickly, you are also have the privilege to get educated about your legal rights.

Know The Nature Of Your Issue

In, you can also search the type of legal issue you are facing to. In this way, you can also help the lawyers to narrow your issue and you will have a brief or in-depth understanding about your situation. Take for example employment law. As an employee, the answer is always “no” if you do not ask. And so the employers will continue to pretend that it is okay to do the wrong thing even if it’s not right. Do you have the right to get paid for overtime hours that you make for work? That answer is definitely Yes! If you browse through more on the website, you will get a lot of opportunities to get free knowledge and at the same time awakening the people of their rights.

You can then build a lawyer-client relationship once you contact them and consult about your concern. Be open as much as possible as lawyers would love to hear a lot of information from you, just make sure that they are all based on facts.

find different lawyers of their different field of ability


Find Your Annalise Keating Now

Who does not want to have an Annalise Keating as their personal lawyer? Maybe you can find one that is as good as her at As mentioned above, it is easy to find lawyers online than driving around looking for a signage of Attorney. Choose the easier and quicker step., LLC
4820 S College Ave Suite 100
Fort Collins CO 80525

Different Types of Lawyers (and Their Salaries)

Getting a higher-degree in education is one heavy burden as far as money and expenses is concerned. The higher you get, the more expensive it is. Although that is reality and is true in most cases, on the flip side, you are also a more valued person in your career. As you scale up in your knowledge and education, companies and organizations will pay you higher salary as well. That is exactly right for lawyers.


get these lawyers


Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the experiences you never want to happen in your life is when you get in an accident. Bills shoot up as much as stress level does. And when you get an accident, whether it be as mild as injuries or worse as surgeries, you may need to contact a personal injury lawyer.


Personal Injury Lawyers specialized most of these common cases. They are responsible for obtaining compensation in the form of damages from the other parties. And guess what? If you are an attorney in this field will potentially earn $73,000 annually. You will earn as high as $164,000 if you are employed in a larger firm.


Bankruptcy Lawyer

Putting up a business always involves a certain amount of risk. As what they say, you have to be ready to make mistakes because they are always part of the journey. It is just a matter of your response and what you have learned from it. On the other side, if you are not learning from your previous errors, you are planning to fail. And when failure hits your business venture, be sure your bank accounts are ready to spend a lot of cash for Bankruptcy Lawyers.


Bankruptcy Lawyers will handle cases when you are having financial constraints and you are thinking of shutting down your business. They will advise you on your eligibility for bankruptcy and will guide you how to handle this matter. They will give you options that you can explore but ultimately, they will be your “911” when you need assistance. They’re value is around $113,000 a year and will increase depending on the lawyer’s experience.


Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual Property Lawyers are most appreciated if you are in the creative, writing, publishing, business development or technology industry. They are commonly known as the IP attorneys and they are much needed in issues involving copyrights, intellectual properties, patents, trademarks and the like.


You may have a headache when you get these lawyers. An average IP attorney salary is $160,000 annually with a range between $143,000-$175,000.. This again may vary with different factors involve, but, you sure need to prepare your savings when you are facing this issue.


more valued person


Sum it Up

Yes, we have given you a number of different types of lawyers that are more common than others, it can never be neglected that there’s a long list that have different specializations especially in dealing with particular cases when you find a lawyer. You have a Family Lawyer, Immigration Lawyer, Tax Lawyer, Contract Lawyer, General Practice Lawyer and so on and so forth. So being a lawyer doesn’t just make you helpful, it is a good source of income.


The Importance of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

This is a chant that you hear when you watch a sporting event. Basketball, football, soccer. Whatever sport it is, well, maybe not chess; but “team ballgame sports” (I just created that terminology), to be more specific.

Anyhow, fans belt out “Dee-fense” usually during a critical time of the game, especially when the opponent is going for it on a 4th down attempt at the Super Bowl or the last 2 minutes of the NBA Finals. They are hoping that their team gets a stop to prevent the enemy from scoring or moving forward.

The Importance of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney


The offense on the other hand is trying its best to break down your defense. Using every trick in the playbook, sometimes even illegally, as long as the referees don’t catch it. And this is where my allegory stops.

You might be in one of the following situations:

  • Being charged with a crime that you know you didn’t do.
  • False accusations that you desperately want to defend.
  • Sexual harassment cases that frankly are blatant lies.

Dee-fense. Dee-fense

This is far more serious than a game. And if we’re such fanatics of encouraging our teams to play defense, don’t we owe it to ourselves to do the same for us?

Which One?

Picking a lawyer or a law firm to represent can be quite tricky. As with anything in life, you have to research a little bit before you commit. There are many established and credible firms out there, for example, a Siefman Law Portland criminal defense attorney is one of the best options if you are situated in the Portland area.

Now, even if you think you don’t need a criminal lawyer, it’s good to have that contact, just in case.

With everything in our lives getting more and more complicated by the day, we need that assurance that we have the protection when we need it.

Here’s the problem — national and state laws are being passed without our knowledge because we are so busy trying to make our way through life. We need someone who knows the law to remind us or to let us know what’s going on. “Hey, that thing you’re doing right now used to be legal, but now it’s not. So please be careful.”


We can’t be too careful these days. Good people become criminals everyday. For reasons known only to them, they turn to the dark side for money and power, but every now and then, out of necessity and just bad influence.

And if you’ve ever been accused of being one, it’s not a good feeling. And you can’t just lash out at your accuser. You can’t just kick their ass and get away with it.

This is where criminal lawyers come in. For example, a Siefman Law Portland criminal defense attorney would defend you in a case, you win, and then you will have a chance to go after your accusers.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

Make a Move

The bottom line is to be prepared for whatever situation may come. It may not be something that you do, or something that someone might do to you, or even just preparing for something that may never happen.

What I’m saying is that you can defend yourself, kick ass and all within a legal process, of course. So why wait until it’s too late. Be wise. Call a lawyer now.

What Is the Average Cost of Tax Attorney

Sometimes, hiring a tax attorney can be a burden to you.  However, in reality, not hiring a tax attorney is the danger.  There are instances when you cannot appreciate the value of an attorney over your money.

Lawyers can represent clients in a case filed against you in the court.  A lawyer will also provide you the assistance in the entire process.  They make sound legal advice on your concerns regarding your situation.

Before you get started, there are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) in hiring an attorney.  One of these issues is the average cost of a tax attorney.  But what is a tax attorney?  

how much does it cost to hire a tax attorney

What Is a Tax Attorney?

Tax attorneys studied law, completed a Juris Doctor degree and passed the bar exam.  They have vast knowledge and experiences, and they focus their practice on tax law matters.  Their expertise is not limited to taxes but also in accounting.

They have represented clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Board of Equalization (BOE).   These lawyers can help you to file past due returns and settle your tax liabilities.  They can make a settlement with IRS, remove liens or could keep you from going behind bars.   

Tax lawyers are responsible for keeping confidential records and information safe.  They communicate and negotiate with the governing authorities.  They will assess your tax issues and research tax laws related to it.

How Much Is the Average Cost of a Tax Attorney

Hiring a tax professional is one of the most important decisions you could have.  They can help you a lot and save you money.  Nonetheless, hiring lawyers specializing in taxes are costly, fees range from $250 to $700 per hour.

Complicated cases demand high fees.  Seasoned and experienced lawyers with good track records may charge more compare to neophytes.  Costs may also depend on your geographic location.   

There are also lawyers that charge flat rates for a particular service. They base the price on the possible number of hours they can render.  But most lawyers charge in an hourly basis.  

This type of lawyers may offer a free initial consultation while others charge $100 to $500.

Is Your Attorney Charging You with the Right Amount?

We are always looking forward that return from the money we spent exceeds its value. How will you know if your attorney is charging you the right amount?

First, find an attorney of whom you can trust.  You may seek a referral from family or friends or browse the internet.  No matter how small the job, trust is always an issue.

Compare each attorney and research in which types of cases they were involved.  Inquire rough estimations about their pricing and choose.  The professional fee may not be solely the qualification, but its best to be financially ready.

Once you have chosen an attorney, don’t hesitate and discuss your financial concerns.  Ask about the average cost of a tax attorney.  Unprecedented situations may increase the price that you must pay.       

how much are tax attorney fees

Tax Attorneys Are Worth the Money

Why should you worry when you can hire a tax attorney.  A tax problem require an experiences Sacramento lawyer.  They ensure best outcomes in closing cases with the average cost of a tax attorney.  

Schedule an appointment and openly discuss the payment.      

The Average Cost of a DUI Lawyer

If faced with DUI charges, it can be hard dealing with the legalities of the case. You can choose a few options if you do ever get caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You will soon have to be in court to handle the charge placed before you.

You can either choose to hire a DUI attorney or decide to represent yourself. However, what is the difference in the outcome between the two options?

Also, know the average cost of a DUI lawyer. So how much the fees can cost you for hiring a professional. Learn all about it as you read through this article.

The Average Cost of a DUI Lawyer

The Average Cost of a DUI Lawyer

Unless you have a background in law, it can be difficult for you to defend yourself in court. Even with a legal education, the law is very complicated. As complex as it is, people in court know the ways to go about and around it. And the prosecution’s job is to convict you, and they’re good at what they do.

Meanwhile, you might not (knowing the law, that is). The average cost of a DUI lawyer can range from $800-2,500. Although defending yourself might seem like a better a cheaper option, is it?

Studies show people spend more money in the long run by not hiring attorneys. The likelihood of dropped or reduced charges is low, and the fines and other fees and costs are higher than if you do hire lawyers to represent you.


The Outcome When You Hire a DWI Attorney

Let’s get to know the outcome when you hire a DWI attorney. DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated) is a serious offense. If you don’t have a good defense, you’re likely to be convicted. The rate of conviction is higher to individuals who chose to represent themselves.

There is a higher chance of a reduction of charges if you hire a DWI lawyer. If you want the penalties to be significantly reduced or dismissed, hire an attorney to represent you.

The Outcome When You Hire a DWI Attorney

Is It Better to Hire a DWI Attorney?

So, is it better to hire a DWI attorney? Definitely! If you are caught drunk driving, legal cases against you can be tough to get out of with minimal penalties.

If you think it will cost you more to hire a lawyer, that is a mistake. You can lose so much more by not utilizing one, such as lost income if you get sent to jail.

Also, you’ll have a harder time applying for a job with a lousy record or with your driving privileges revoked. Those factors are what you need to think about when planning for your case and also preparing for the financial aspects.

Your chances are slim of your charges being dismissed or reduced if you represent yourself.

You can find great lawyers on the internet. Visit if you are in need of competent services from an experienced attorney.

Why You Need to Hire an Expert in Maritime Law

Maritime Lawyer AssistanceMaritime law or otherwise known as admiralty law is a branch of law which regulates navigation on seas. It covers all matters of the seas nationally or internationally like fishing industry; container and passenger line matters; personal injuries; wreck and salvage; human rights and employment issues relating to the crew.

Over time the principle of maritime law was developed. However, it is always under the authority of a particular country or state.

This article discusses the different cases where the maritime law can be applicable.

Maritime Law: Compensation for Injured Passengers and Seamen

Personal injury lawyers specializing in maritime law are required to handle such matters. It is a complicated thing for an ordinary personal injury lawyer to handle.

Recovering compensation for sailors or seamen hurt on the job are complex. The Jones Act of Merchant Marine Act sets the rights of victims who are defined as seamen. If the Jones Act applies the injured sailors is entitled to a jury trial. The purpose for this is to allow sailors to file negligence claims and be able to receive money as compensation from their employers. Surviving families are allowed to file a lawsuit in case the seaman dies due to the injury.

Hiring an expert in Maritime Law

This law combines modern law, century old doctrines, international treaties, private contracts and can’t be handled easily by an ordinary personal injury lawyer.

How Do You File for a Maritime Injury Claim?

If you met an accident on a cruise ship, a friend’s boat or fishing charter, you will find that filing a claim is not as easy as claiming for an ordinary accident. There are a few factors you have to think before submitting a claim like:

Where did the accident happen? Was it in U.S. water or international waters?

If there was negligence, who played an important factor in your injury?

These are all questions that you need to seriously answer, because even one wrong answer may jeopardize your claim for compensation.

The reasons for your compensation claim are the adverse effects like loss of income, anxiety, the financial burdens. The compensation claims may be just what you need to recover your finances.

Only a lawyer who is an expert in maritime law can help you with your claims.

What Is an Injured Seaman or Worker Entitled to Claim?

Seamen who are injured at work can claim for worker’s compensation. This involves payment for medical treatment, their full living expenses so that he or she will be treated while injured. All medical treatment he incurs including occupational and physical therapy has to be paid by the company.

After an injury, the seaman must seek immediate medical assistance. He must find a maritime lawyer to work on his case. Hiring a lawyer ascertains everything. Everything will be documented from the treatment received to the future treatments required. If the company refuses to pay, then the lawyer can act on it accordingly.


Know your rights and consult a maritime lawyer immediately in case of any maritime related injury or accident. Consulting one will put everything in the right perspective.

Choosing Family Law as a Career

Deciding on what career to pursue is one of the most important things that students have to focus on. This is particularly true for students who have just graduated from high school and are planning to go to college. In fact, the earlier you decide on what career you want to pursue, the better your preparations will be.

Choosing the right career can be difficult. You need to consider your interests, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. If you are someone who loves counseling and negotiation, then a career in family law may fit you well. If you are more into debates, tort law and personal injury cases or becoming a nursing home bedsores attorney might be just what you looking for.

Pursuing Career in Family Law

What Is a Family Law Attorney?

A family lawyer is a law practitioner who focuses on family related cases. What makes the career very interesting is the fact that transcends the usual lawyer tasks such as doing a legal assessment and providing advice. A family lawyer lends his hand to a person who may be undergoing one of the most difficult times of his life.

The thing with legal family cases is that they are always very complicated. Let’s take divorce for example when couples go there separate ways, considerations such as division of the properties as well as child custody comes after. Both of these are as stressful as the actual divorce case.

A family lawyer is the one who is in the middle of it all, providing legal advice and helping out in any way possible.


What is Family Law?

Legal Advice on Family AffairsIn a nutshell, family law encompasses all the legal issues associated with the family. This branch of law which covers a wide range of issues from divorce to child support and custody, as well as the division of assets and liabilities.

A career in this branch of law demands a person who is able to deal well and communicate with people. Family law is all about working with clients in a more up close and personal manner. It could be very challenging as it is never easy trying to resolve a crumbling marriage. however, it is also very rewarding. When you have helped a person in his most down moment, you can really find a joy that is very incomparable.


How to Prepare for a Family Lawyer Career?

Not everyone is cut out to be a family lawyer. If you really want to be one, you have to prepare yourself to the best of your abilities. For a start, you need to consider a Bachelor degree that best fits a family lawyer. You can also major in Psychology or even Social work as both are great preparations for your future job.

As you study, make sure that you also build your interpersonal skills. These would greatly help you in the future when you practice your career. When you finish your Bachelor degree, take and pass the Law School Admission Test. You can then start your law school journey that will ultimately take you to your dream career.

Becoming a family law lawyer is not an easy thing to do. The process is long and the preparations that you need to put into it will be very demanding. However, with the right attitude, you can become the family law lawyer you always wanted to be!