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How To Settle a Work Injury Claim

When companies take short measures to care about safety, the consequences of their works can be faced with danger and even death. The situation changes when its not a work related injury which is when you need to contact another professional. In the case of a death we suggest calling Dallas Horton Wrongful Death Attorney for great legal advice.

However, from lost wages to medical bills, suffering from a world-related injury can lead to a series of financial struggles. This will depend on the circumstances of the injury option and might only be seeking for compensation.

Here’s how to settle a work injury claim.

Talk with Human Resources

The first step to claiming a worker’s compensation is to discuss the case with the Human Resources office in the company. The HR should provide you with clear instructions and their policy that will explain how the worker’s compensation process should be followed. Most companies require a full documentation of the doctor’s visit in detail as well as explain all the care needed to treat the injury.

It is important to keep all conversations short with firm dates in writing to make the case all the more easier to settle.

Receive Appropriate Health Care

The employee should have already received the care they need before they seek a settlement. However, injuries may worsen and receive appropriate funding if the employee has delayed the care they needed until they have the funds.

Hire a Lawyer

A lawyer will help guide through all the difficulties in the process and prove that the injury is a worker’s comp issue. It is important to hire an attorney that specializes in the worker’s comp as they will better help explain the laws and standards that constantly change. This will prepare the employee to decide whether or not they will be able to handle the costs of the legal counsel.

Understand Settlement versus Payment

Once the compensation case is filed, the employee must decide how payments are to be received. Some companies will pay the medical bills while others will reimburse employees. A disability check may also be sent according to the agreement. Many companies prefer to settle for a lump sum.


The most crucial part is to hire an attorney to help aid in structuring the case. Many workers end up losing more money than they should if the case is handled wrong. Make sure to not make the same mistake and hire an attorney that specializes in this field.