Workers Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

It can be very difficult getting injured during work. There can be lots of possible severe consequences such as permanent disability or death. The law allows workers to have compensation for any injuries they have acquired during work.

However, the worker’s compensation law may prove to be very complicated for you. You will have questions and will need answers for all of them.

We’ve collected several workers compensation frequently asked questions for you to go through to help you out with your case. Hopefully, these faqs answer most if not all of your questions about the insurance.

 Workers Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

Workers Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a labor related work, you might be asking yourself so many questions. Most of them might, of course, be about the compensation benefits. An injury can do so much damage to your life. If you don’t know how the law can assist you, you will be in darkness.

You need to know all the necessary requirements and files to document. Also, you need to know the steps you have to make to process your compensation benefits. We’ve collected a few workers compensation frequently asked questions to make it easier for you to know questions you are asking yourself as well.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance for work-related injuries that you may possibly sustain. This helps works receive benefits depending on the injury they got on the job.

However, claims have to be work-related and during the time of your work. Benefits such as coverage for medical bills are included in work comp.

What Do I Do When I’m Injured on the Job?

The first thing you should do is to go to your supervisor to report what happened. Your supervisor will make sure you get immediate medical attention and will also be responsible for the investigation.

What Happens to Me While I Can’t Work?

Your employer or supervisor will coordinate your pay while you won’t be able to work. Yes, you still receive pay as one of the benefits. It’s covered by the workers’ compensation law as well.

Am I Still Going to be an Active Employee While on While on Workers’ Compensation?

No, your status will be on leave of absence while you are away because of the injury you have sustained. Once you are treated or already well for work, you can then be back to having an active status.

 Several Workers compensation frequently asked questions

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer?

Although it is not necessary to hire a lawyer, it is a very good idea to do it. They can help you so much in processing your case and to make sure that you do get your benefits. They can help you collect different documents needed and proof for your claim.

As a worker, you have to know faq that may be able to help you out with your compensation insurance. Although we don’t wish for something bad to happen to us. It is always good to be equipped with the knowledge that can prepare us for when things happen.

If not to us, we can still help share the knowledge with others. It is only right for employees to have their benefits for compensation. We hope these answers to some workers compensation frequently asked questions helped you.

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Why You Need to Hire an Expert in Maritime Law

Maritime Lawyer AssistanceMaritime law or otherwise known as admiralty law is a branch of law which regulates navigation on seas. It covers all matters of the seas nationally or internationally like fishing industry; container and passenger line matters; personal injuries; wreck and salvage; human rights and employment issues relating to the crew.

Over time the principle of maritime law was developed. However, it is always under the authority of a particular country or state.

This article discusses the different cases where the maritime law can be applicable.

Maritime Law: Compensation for Injured Passengers and Seamen

Personal injury lawyers specializing in maritime law are required to handle such matters. It is a complicated thing for an ordinary personal injury lawyer to handle.

Recovering compensation for sailors or seamen hurt on the job are complex. The Jones Act of Merchant Marine Act sets the rights of victims who are defined as seamen. If the Jones Act applies the injured sailors is entitled to a jury trial. The purpose for this is to allow sailors to file negligence claims and be able to receive money as compensation from their employers. Surviving families are allowed to file a lawsuit in case the seaman dies due to the injury.

Hiring an expert in Maritime Law

This law combines modern law, century old doctrines, international treaties, private contracts and can’t be handled easily by an ordinary personal injury lawyer.

How Do You File for a Maritime Injury Claim?

If you met an accident on a cruise ship, a friend’s boat or fishing charter, you will find that filing a claim is not as easy as claiming for an ordinary accident. There are a few factors you have to think before submitting a claim like:

Where did the accident happen? Was it in U.S. water or international waters?

If there was negligence, who played an important factor in your injury?

These are all questions that you need to seriously answer, because even one wrong answer may jeopardize your claim for compensation.

The reasons for your compensation claim are the adverse effects like loss of income, anxiety, the financial burdens. The compensation claims may be just what you need to recover your finances.

Only a lawyer who is an expert in maritime law can help you with your claims.

What Is an Injured Seaman or Worker Entitled to Claim?

Seamen who are injured at work can claim for worker’s compensation. This involves payment for medical treatment, their full living expenses so that he or she will be treated while injured. All medical treatment he incurs including occupational and physical therapy has to be paid by the company.

After an injury, the seaman must seek immediate medical assistance. He must find a maritime lawyer to work on his case. Hiring a lawyer ascertains everything. Everything will be documented from the treatment received to the future treatments required. If the company refuses to pay, then the lawyer can act on it accordingly.


Know your rights and consult a maritime lawyer immediately in case of any maritime related injury or accident. Consulting one will put everything in the right perspective.