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The Average Cost of a DUI Lawyer

If faced with DUI charges, it can be hard dealing with the legalities of the case. You can choose a few options if you do ever get caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You will soon have to be in court to handle the charge placed before you.

You can either choose to hire a DUI attorney or decide to represent yourself. However, what is the difference in the outcome between the two options?

Also, know the average cost of a DUI lawyer. So how much the fees can cost you for hiring a professional. Learn all about it as you read through this article.

The Average Cost of a DUI Lawyer

The Average Cost of a DUI Lawyer

Unless you have a background in law, it can be difficult for you to defend yourself in court. Even with a legal education, the law is very complicated. As complex as it is, people in court know the ways to go about and around it. And the prosecution’s job is to convict you, and they’re good at what they do.

Meanwhile, you might not (knowing the law, that is). The average cost of a DUI lawyer can range from $800-2,500. Although defending yourself might seem like a better a cheaper option, is it?

Studies show people spend more money in the long run by not hiring attorneys. The likelihood of dropped or reduced charges is low, and the fines and other fees and costs are higher than if you do hire lawyers to represent you.


The Outcome When You Hire a DWI Attorney

Let’s get to know the outcome when you hire a DWI attorney. DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated) is a serious offense. If you don’t have a good defense, you’re likely to be convicted. The rate of conviction is higher to individuals who chose to represent themselves.

There is a higher chance of a reduction of charges if you hire a DWI lawyer. If you want the penalties to be significantly reduced or dismissed, hire an attorney to represent you.

The Outcome When You Hire a DWI Attorney

Is It Better to Hire a DWI Attorney?

So, is it better to hire a DWI attorney? Definitely! If you are caught drunk driving, legal cases against you can be tough to get out of with minimal penalties.

If you think it will cost you more to hire a lawyer, that is a mistake. You can lose so much more by not utilizing one, such as lost income if you get sent to jail.

Also, you’ll have a harder time applying for a job with a lousy record or with your driving privileges revoked. Those factors are what you need to think about when planning for your case and also preparing for the financial aspects.

Your chances are slim of your charges being dismissed or reduced if you represent yourself.

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